Broadsides: Nils Peterson

Limited ed. Signed in blue ink by the poet on lower left.   

With bonus free poster announcing a Valentine’s ”revel” with Nils Peterson and the Choraliers of San Jose State University directed by Charlene Archibeque. title:  ”Love’s Not Time’s Fool” showing a seated nude drawn by by Jean Swan Gordon.

The poems read:


If we have quarreled our bodies wait

Patient as horses.  At last their owners

Set off huffy and proud leaving

The sweet bests to each other.

They turn, nuzzle, and speak through the night

The eloquent touching language of the dumb.


You know as well as I

a sun soon will rise

That will not rise on us.

You have heard with your sweet ear

And read with your quick eye

The things poets say –how long

They’ll love or how they’ll catch

A willing soul’s fire in their pages

Like butterflies in amber.

It is all moonshine, you tell me,

And will not scare

Be flattered or cajoled,

Yet today the sun came up in the high air

And great birds begin their dalliance

Above an earth grown tense with blossom.

Morning    early

Almost awake

Bedclothes settled about like clouds

At the edge of summer.  On the horizon

My hand floats on the warm sea of your body.

How did it get there? Is it off on its own?

Or has it some mysterious charter from the king,

Some errand that will save all of France?

Time to call it back though now it rides so easy

On the suck and swell of your breathing.

125 copies printed for the San Jose Poetry Center at Blackwells Press 1983.