Pablo Picasso

Original/ Signed, dated on lower right in stone. Portrait d’Arthur Rimbaud. Dec. 13, 1960. Litho, limited ed. 97 proofs on Rives wove paper. Ref. Bloch 1007, Mourlot 342. (11 and 3/4 X 9) 30cmX23cm.  Burnished gold frame with  matte.  PICASSO. 

If you saw the brilliant Stanley Kubrick classic, Barry Lyndon, you must remember the scene where the newly married hero is at a grand gallery purchasing art for his grand house. It was the custom for nobles to browse and buy walls of paintings. On a smaller, much smaller scale, my husband, a colonial boy born in British Honduras, now Belize, bought a lovely house on Nantucket Court in Sunnyvale, CA. It was our first home and he told me to call an art gallery in San Francisco and buy “something worthwhile.” I ordered up, sight unseen, one Salvador Dali and one Pablo Picasso which you see here. The Dali has long ago been sold, but I have kept this Picasso long after the passing of my husband. 

  Can you imagine that long-ago dealer’s disgust with the young housewife who ordered “pictures” with the ignorant lack-of-aplomb of a Barry Lyndon?