Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe Specials:

Some little pieces of art that translate into big value.

Above: The Little Wanderer by Hummel, shown on the top of the page bottoms up for authentication.


First: An original etching of J.S.Bach? They say there are only two known pictures of the maestro in existence. Well, how about this highly realistic portrait, made in Berlin during his lifetime? I guess something happened because it is signed by the artist, and on the back at the bottom it reads the name of the studio and “Berlin,” but it is left unfinished, and Oh we can see the powerful face clearly enough. He could be your choirmaster! What do YOU think? Bach? Handel? Make me an offer over my $250 reserve.

RARE!!! Raymond Carver’s first poetry publication, Winter Insomnia, published (1970)by Kayak in Santa Cruz (Geo. Hitchcock) autographed TWICE. On inside front cover: “For Joan, Best Wishes, Raymond Carver,” and again under the title on first page for a “coming out” party in Los Trancas Woods. Make me an offer over my $8,000 FIRM for this collector’s item.

Download Joan John...jpg (37.6 KB)

An original Berta Hummel, “The Little Wanderer” from 1953. Check the signage on the bottom, check around and then make me a serious offer. This little girl is very special to me and I will only part with her for a compensatory price. (Sorry. No longer for sale.)

The Olde Curiosity Shoppe, an original china piece from London- 1979.  (No longer for sale)

You probably recognize this lovely little Precious Moments. It is often seen on eBay….Make be a reasonable bid. This is vintage, an early original (around 1970) and not a later version.

 NOW FOR SOMETHING truly SPECIAL:  some rare SMALLER original lithographs by JOHN HUNTER, all beautifully framed professionally by Grey Goose in Los Feliz with museum papers, mattes and glass, metal frames and ready to hang. Museum pieces,  “All of these stones have been effaced &/or all plates have been destroyed.  No other proofs or impressions of these works of art exist. February 1st 1980.”

The master-Printer was Will Peterson. Plucked Chicken Press. Again- published by Lakeside Studio from an edition of 54 total impressions.

“Arches cover, white: 22 x 15″ drawn with crayon and tusche on three aluminum plates:  all torn from the full sheet, printed flush (all four edges).”

It is called “Homage to Ensor and all I can say is this recognizable woman must have made him really angry, no? Kafka-esque forever, poor girl! He signed the title boldly in pencil on her stomach (ugh). Published by Lakeside Press–a good investment. (An original John Hunter for $300 plus postage.)

and one more, since I am feeling the holiday spirit. John Hunter (1978) published by Lakeside Studios, from Plucked Chicken again, and the portrait is, I am told, of the printer, Will Peterson, himself. “Pirate’s Cove$300. (plus postage) Beautifully framed in purple matte, metal violet frame, ready to hang.

“ROME AT NIGHT” with all of the familiar icons: the white rabbits, the Wonderland characters….a truly beautiful small print, framed in royal purple wtih purple matte (archival acid-free papers all) signed in pencil. $300.

Now, about this lady…An unsigned oil painting in an intricately scrolled (not shown) antique frame. She could have stepped right out of the movie, Atonement. A classy little portrait. An appraiser friend of mine said he looked very hard for a little “C” somewhere because it so looks like one of the Corot women– he painted towards the end of his life, all  miniatures like this…However, it says “English” on the back of the canvas. This is one for the Roadhouse Antiques show. For a mere $400 you can pretend she is a relative. A beautiful little painting. The frame is larger than shown and a bit chipped with age.  (shipping extra)

Download Joan John...jpg (47.5 KB)Email me for sizes and further descriptions and provenance.


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