HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another chance to begin again! Isn’t the calendar a wonderful invention? We can believe time changes things, measure our days — set goals—- plan for the future. Happiness, like time, is an abstraction that can be made real… and if you are not fully there yet, I wish it for you as a goal for this “new”year. Mark today’s date on your calendar. Abraham Lincoln said, “A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” Sit in your cellar, your jail cell like Cervantes, your garret, kitchen, wherever you can sit and make the decision to be happy. Write, paint, sketch, compose something…dream…Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it was Sartre who said we can march to the gas chambers singing or not singing.  ooh…let’s not pretend this past year has been something to sing about; however, how about this for a resolution? Turn up the corners of your mouth and the smile will come.  I borrowed this from the Chinese proverb, “If you keep an evergreen bough in your heart, the singing bird will come.” Let’s get down to what makes us happy- art and artists. Do you know a real artist? How sad it must be not to know at least one person who marches to her/his own drum! Let me show you some.  For the month of January I am concentrating on people who are marching out in front…They will wait for you.  (Purchasing anything in this exhibit is a good idea is you are a beginning collector. Otis Bardwell is young and has already won enough accolades and attention to merit your consideration for the future. American artist, John Hunter is iconic and most of his early lithographs (especially the suites) have been long locked into museums and collections. See the other one in this gallery, “Going Hollywood” which is only in one other place, I think–the Herbert Palmer Gallery in L.A.) These are only fragments from the large lithos, and show only small details of his meticulous draftsmanship and imagination. Another  artist for January is MACSORRO, but only one of these shown is still available.  
First: Otis Bardwell, a young man who has a unique vision and keeps busy shaping it for us.
This is an installation from a Pasadena art gallery, now offered for sale on this website. Let’s talk about getting in on the “ground floor” when a new exciting artist’s work is up for purchase. (Have you read the Jan.17th New Yorker yet? Informative articles on artists, George Condo and Gordon Matta-Clark. Stay informed.)
a “Yellow Hive” from a series called Shelters. It measures 8′ x13′ x13′ (FEET). You can go inside and sit in it….I think Otis told me it took about 3 years to complete. Thousands of little yellow twisty pieces woven together…Don’t be shy. Ask him about his work. Speak to the artist. Browse his website for more fascinating works of art.  www.otisbardwell.com Be sure to read his “artist’s statement” on his site to see another of these sculptures, and check out one of his prints on these pages…more Bardwell art to come this month.
Second,  John Hunter.  The legendary artist who has has inspired many a working artist during his long life, and continues to create art from a singular vision. Here is a glimpse or two from a suite I am showcasing this month. This suite  is  extremely rare and for the consideration of a serious collector. The plates were destroyed in 1981 and there are no more complete suites of “THE LIFE CYCLE” available anywhere.  You may want to own this set of lithographs–celebrating TIME itself. (I will show the entire suite to any interested collector who asks to see it.)





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