APRIL/MAY New England Blues

John Crutchfield

This  cheery Plymouth painter featured on my November page offers a startling-bright scene in Plymouth harbor.  (I can smell the water.) A lobster boat is at the fuel dock and the anxious dog is ready to sail. What is more fun than preparing to travel? And when you think about it, isn’t Plymouth the birthplace of American travelers?

“Let’s Go!”   Oil on board. 11×14   .    Please enjoy more of this artist’s work directly from at his online studio. www.Crutchfieldgallery.com

Here’s one of the paintings I love in his gallery. A beautiful award-winner!

A strong suggestion: “Add to your growing collection with this still very modestly-priced artist.”  This framed painting is so underpriced at $6,500, that you can sail away with a great deal!  18×24.  SOLD


Someone asked me, “What is that?”  When I was a little girl the “ponds “of Plymouth were cranberry bogs. My mother gave me two wooden scoops used by old-timers to scrape the floating red berries from the top of the bog where they floated up when ripe. Mother nature can be kind most of the time. Eventually machines replaced the scoopers and Ocean Spray closed its once-thriving factory. The building is still there, but nothing ever stays the same forever. Now when you drive by the many old bogs,  swans float gracefully where a red sea of berries once waited for harvesting  and kids frolic on the sandy edges.  ( Did you know that in order to call a body of water a lake it must be an acre or more in size? Is that true? ) I remember touring the Ocean Spray factory a long time ago when one could buy all kinds of cranberry products there and reading about how the Wampanoags called them “crane-berries” after the large white birds that lingered at the sites. I wonder what those first Americans sweetened cranberries with. It takes a lot of sugar to make a cranberry palatable.  Oh what memories a beautiful painting can stir up. Thank you, John.

 16×20 (Oil on board/framed)   

Monacrchs of Long Beach! All I can say is WOW!

 John just won (Summer 2012) first prize for this painting in the Plymouth Guild’s exhibit! Of course he did! What a wonderful artist, and a gentleman to boot! I recently enjoyed an unforgettable evening with John and his beautiful wife, Pat, at Isaac’s restaurant on the top deck overlooking Plymouth harbor for a whole sunset from start to finish….a remarkable scene, magical time, exceptional company! After 29 years, the Crutchfields are still on their honeymoon. What a privileged evening it was, dinner and a drive around the environs of Plymouth! Thank you both.

“A New Day”  Oil on Board  24×36  (framed)

“Forecast- Gathering Crowds”   14×18 Oil on board  (framed) THE VERY LATEST PAINTING BY JOHN CRUTCHFIELD IS HERE!    

(18×24)     oil in board   (This is on display at the Sheldon Gallery in Newport. Please pay them a visit to see this and other Crutchfield work at his website.