A Special Addition

In honor of the season of Easter, and because artists throughout history have depicted every event in the life of Christ, I am posting some of the most famous depictions of the journey to the Crucifixion and then to Easter and its season which is celebrated for several days after the Resurrection.  (There is a new page under construction dedicated to religious art from the collection.) 


For all those who are wrongly accused and who suffer at the hands of the ignorant. Caraveggio’s Flagellation. (1607.)

For all those who are persecuted and tortured by greedy and envious people. Caravaggio’s Crowning of Thorns. (1606)

The Passion of Christ by El Greco. (1577)

For all those who are mocked, humiliated and spit upon by the ignorant who cannot tolerate of maybe even recognize holiness. Daumier’s Ecco Homo (1850)

For all those keeping a holy Passiontide, humbly accepting life’s many sorrows, and to comfort those who mourn the loss of loved ones at this time.

The faces, as seen by Heironymous Bosch, of those who would murder the innocent:

Here is a healing Psalm. (excerpt/22) Reprinted from the Sunday bulletin from the Anglican Catholic liturgy for Palm Sunday:

But be not Thou far from me, O Lord. Thou art my succour;  haste Thee to help me. Save me from the lion’s mouth;  Thou has heard me also from among the horns of the unicorns. My God, my god, look upon me; why hast Thou forsaken me?  And art so far from my health and from the words of my complaint?  Oh my God, I cry in the day-time, but Thou hearest not, and in the night season also I take no rest.  And Thou continuest holy, O Thou worship of Israel.  Our fathers hoped in Thee;  they trusted in Thee and Thou didst deliver them…I have been left unto Thee ever since I was born; Thou art my God even from my mother’s womb…Go not from me; for trouble is hard at hand, and there is none to help me…For many dogs are come about me, and the council of the wicked layeth siege against me. They pierced my hands and feet. …They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture….Thou art my succour, haste Thee to help me. Save me from the lion’s mouth….

In respect for Holy Week and those who keep it holy.

May God bless us in our trials.

From Saint Apollonia Church in  Florence, Italy, a great work by Andrea Del Castagno when he was around 24 years old. Last Supper and stories of Christ’s Passion. MOSAIC.  (1447).  Unlike the other famous depiction of the same great experience, this one has not faded. This may be why so many of the beautiful “paintings” in the Vatican are actually tiny bits of glass. Mosaics do not fade.



Christ of Saint John of the Cross. Salvador Dali. (1952) in the National Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland.





 Resurrection of Christ from the tomb by Piero della Francesca (1463-65)  Mural in fresco and tempera. Pinocoteca Comunal, Sansepolcro.

English writer Aldous Huxley described the Resurrection by Piero della Francesca, which is in the Museo Civico, as “the greatest painting in the world.”

The English novelist, Iris Murdoch, viewed the painting with her husband, John Bayley. He reported that Iris was fascinated with the picture, and later would use the vital force expressed in the painting as inspiration for some of her writing.