Ah June! The LIFE CYCLE by John Hunter (American. 1934)

Today is Bloomsday;  therefore, in honor of James Joyce, I am dedicating the current exhibit to some of the finest art of the 20th Century with a very special , extremely rare, beautiful SUITE of 12 lithographs by John Hunter drawn and published in 1981….. Are you ready for this?  Add to your collection now, or begin your own fine art collection.  This is original, complete and, of course, an exclusive bargain for only one buyer.  Think about it. John Hunter is represented in the National Gallery, Washington, D.C., the Los Angeles Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art in NYC and Who’s Who in American Art and World Art.  His paintings were used in the cult movie, “Seconds” as the work of Rock Hudson who plays a painter. (This is one of my favorite films. Way ahead of its time.) This fine Suite from one of the best of the California School of Art is complete, in excellent condition.






“THE LIFE CYCLE suite of twelve lithographs by John Hunter published by the Lakeside Studio, Lakeside, Michigan.  Forty copies printed on Arches Cover by Plucked Chicken Press, Chicago, Illinois; Will Petersen and Cynthia Archer Petersen, Proprietors.  Typography by Patrick Surgalski, Cranbrook Academy of Art,  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  Handset in 18-point Kennerly Bold.  THIS IS COPY 6.   Signed/dated  in pencil by the artist on the cover page and on each lithograph.

Since John Hunter studied art and lived in Los Angeles, (his friends included Dennis Hopper and Richard Chamberlain – his college roommate) it is somehow fitting that I found a true Hollywood photographer to render these prints to you, dear art lovers.

THESE CRYSTAL CLEAR PHOTOS OF THE ARTWORK were taken by the best professional photographer in HollywoodRobert Antal.  He is also the busiest photographer in town what with the stream of actors getting headshots and portfolios, but I managed to engage him for this month, and hopefully, I can squeeze some more beautiful art for the gallery in between the beautiful people in the future. Robert and his gracious wife can be found at 7095 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 201 here in town, and he said he wouldn’t mind if I publish a link to him: HollywoodPro@Yahoo.com… If you email him, he will answer. And,course, you can simply Google his name and find out everything!!! (By the way, he did NOT solicit this home-made advertisement for his studio.)

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