A Brand New Day! Some old, some new pieces to consider for your collection and enjoyment

By the Los Angeles artist known as “Salah,”     Title: “Fish hook.”   It is baked clay in a black laquered shadowbox frame. She has sculpted this original piece in polymer clay and attached each little “sucker”separately.  The background is brown floral Victorian wallpaper. The effect of this miniature sculpture is inexplicable at first, but slowly becomes an artistic statement. I love this kind of “growing enlightenment.” This small jewel will make a lovely gift to an enlightened woman — or a slightly sadistic gentleman. (Is that an oxymoron?)  This is a new artist to watch, to collect. I love this little purple girl!

Give this to some hopeless romantic.  Steel engraving of Lord Byron. Wow!Find this on the Artists in the Sun page for a larger look. An original acrylic painting on paper “TALK”  by  R. Davey of Carmel.Two great British novelists. An original signed woodcut by famed New York artist Henry Wolf  (1852-1916) of Robert L. Stevenson (1850-1894) and the classic photograph by George Charles Beresford in 1902 of Virginia Woolf (1882-1941). Both portraits exquisitely framed in black with museum barrier acid-free paper and mattes to last for a hundred years without foxing.  Find them elsewhere on these pages and —-consider a priceless gift for your favorite English major’s next birthday. 

OKAY.  Given to me by Raymond Carver at the book launching private party with two signatures, one personalized.  I once had a TV show and Ray was my very FIRST guest. I told him a story afterwards about me and my parents and darn if it is not the story he then wrote called “Popular Mechanics!”  (It is dangerous to tell writers anything.)  You can have the book of poetry, Winter Insomnia (1970), autographed twice  once for  anybody lucky enough to buy it, and once just for me, the “baby” in one of his most famous stories!