More prints for the serious collector

“Untitled” by Otis Bardwell (American b.1955)

When we received our first “stimulus package” from our government a few years back, I thought I would stimulate the economy by purchasing some art. What better than a trip to the studio of Otis Bardwell, the young sculptor, where I purchased this print numbered and signed by the artist in pencil.  For years this  intriguing creature of the artist’s imagination, (a troll??) hung above my media center where he listened attentively to my films, CDs and audiobooks.  He is none the worse for wear. He is most certainly a curious listener! Now I am releasing him to the next aficionado of  this fine artist’s work; Bardwell was born in Kenya, Africa, and now lives in Pasadena with his wife and young children. You may visit  his website for more information about him and his work, but only I have this rare and wonderful piece  Please note, this is a very large picture – matted in white archival papers and framed in black wood by Gray Goose In Los Feliz (LA).

DAVID AND GOLIATH”   An original British steel engraving by  John Boydell in 1766 after the original painting  by Salvator Rosa  in the collection of His Highness, The Duke of Devonshire.  This is a rare image of  the giant in a suit of Royal armor. Hmmmm. Just who was the mighty opponent that this small island nation had in mind here? At any rate despite the hundreds of artistic renderings of this subject, you won’t find one like this anywhere else, I wager.  I have had it framed professionally by only the best framer in Beverly Hills with archival papers and a surprisingly lightweight tortoiseshell frame.  This is an almost 250 year old piece made by the engraver who created the major “Illustrated Shakespeare” and who became The Lord Mayor of London in 1790, 24 years after making this engraving. 

For a magnificent portrait of the artist, go to “Literary pages” and scroll down to the link.

It was Boydell who brought the high prices and fame to British engravings, and in his day set the average price of a print like this at one hundred pounds. That is 18th Century pounds!  For a perceptive collector of English engravings.  (measurements on request)


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