Merry Everything!

Okay, it is not the best of times, but it is still NOT the worst of times, yet. So here is a Holiday present for you, my faithful visitors, a gallery of mostly marine paintings with a few New England works worthy of gifted artists! I will be adding more pages soon.  Watch for another very special Plymouth artist for my January exhibit: Dana Malcolm.

I know Thanksgiving is past, but the spirit lingers and I, like you, am grateful for those who add to the beauty in life, ALL who believe that beauty inspires us, heals us, ameliorates anger, comforts the ailing, and reflects the creative energy of the universe. “God bless us, Everyone!” 

My simple gift: (A Breton Fisherman’s Prayer)

  “Oh God, Thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.”

Marine paintings and more from my favorite artists, in a salute to America’s Home Town: Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Please enjoy this work by David Monteiro and then go to the John Crutchfield special exhibit on the top in the headings  (There’s a preview here)…..take your time and enjoy your visit to my little gallery.  Of course, nothing is as exciting as an original work of art when given or received as a gift everyone can enjoy in your house- in the library, over the mantle, above a guest’s bed, or while you are dining. And you don’t have to click, touch or text it ever. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” – Keats, of course.

"The Start - J Class Regatta" 18x30 oil on stretched linen canvas

First:   A selection from the studio of  David Monteiro.  These are all oil paintings on stretched linen. Visit his gallery pages at  “

"Summer Breeze" 20x36 Oil on stretched linen canvas
"Sailing Along the Coast"
"Lighthouse Beach, MV" Oil on stretched linen canvas
"Quiet Haven" 20x30 Oil on stretched linen canvas
"Rounding West Cove" 15x24 Oil on stretched linen canvas
AND NOW:  John Crutchfield’s Christmas showing!  I love this artist’s work. Please pay his gallery a visit at after viewing this small sample of his exquisitely rendered New England scenes.
"Running Free" (NFS)
 I am spending the holidays in my favorite town, so let me recommend one of the most perfect places to experience a true dining experience.  Can you imagine Tuscany in New England?  Of course, Patrizia is an authentic native of Italy and is a chef extraordinary!  I just enjoyed Christmas Eve there with the freshest most delicious seafood Italian style EVER.  I do not exaggerate. The tratorria is called, “Patrizia’s”  naturally.  She has no idea I am giving her a plug here, but couldn’t resist passing this on.  The food is not inexpensive, but then, to have a genuine gourmet culinary artist cook for you alone–what is that worth?  She needs to open another in Hollywood so I can prove to my friends that one can find real perfection in Plymouth…What luck to discover this little gem of a restaurant for my special Christmas present to myself! Although I cannot share the meal with you, I can let you in on where to enjoy it. In the Village Landing Marketplace at 170 Water Street, Plymouth Mass. website:  This is not a paid advertisement, but my own recommendation. Trust me on this, as with my eye for genuine art.