Summer is almost here! Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? (apologies to Gauguin)

Time to get out and about and visit some towns famous for art and famous art galleries. Two towns famous for art: Plymouth, Massachusetts and Carmel, California. Let’s go! 

I took a long weekend and drove up Highway 101 to the Central Coast of California with stops in Carmel, Salinas and Monterey. I wrote a short story on the white sand of the beach at the end of Ocean Street in Carmel (the main street), spent hours driving along the twisty roller coaster Hiway One through Big Sur, strolled in and out of galleries in Carmel, the “Tuck shop” for a sandwich, and the English candy store for a truffle, discovered the little shop  called “Jane Austen at Home” crammed full of British antiques , enjoyed an inspired hour or two with books and artifacts of the Nobel Prize winner, John Steinbeck, in the eponymous center at 1 Main St. Salinas. walked around an early morning Monterey, not as he would have known it, Cannery Row with its hustle and bustle of gulls and fishermen, now posh hotels with balconies and concierges that Doc would have eschewed, and the harbor  filled with two-masted schooners and fancy yawls, yachts and sloops boasted not one sardine boat, but the multi-star restaurant, the Sardine Factory is still there where I had once enjoyed a memorable lobster en croute. In Carmel where I have been gazing at art for years now, I still find work to make me gasp. You can see an early work I purchased there by Davey called “Talk” on these pages. Oh and speaking of birds (if you look up the painting, you’ll see the reference) just last evening back in Los Angeles, I walked into a pet store (Thank you Selena) on Hillhurst Ave. in Los Feliz and took ownership of two teeny zebra finches and all the accoutrements. It must have been the happy relaxed mood I came home with after my serene journey northwards that compelled me to take on the happy pair. My little “Aussie” songbirds are now happily named Jarndyce and Jarndyce. (If you have read Bleak House, you understand the significance.) We can be as happy as kings because the world is so full of beautiful things…verdad?

Inside the New Masters Gallery on Dolores Street I discovered  paintings by Laguna Beach artist, Ken Auster. His work is not outrageously expensive considering the mastery and imagination of each work of beauty and I encourage you to look him up online:

If you are lucky enough to visit Carmel and see his work for yourself in the current show..hurry…you will be grateful I told you about him here.New Masters Gallery is at Dolores and 7th in Carmel, CA 93921 and has been in operation since 1974. You may see his entire collection at

Plymouth Harbor in winter

Carmel by the sea in summer