Rare and Wonderful!

If you have been following my collection on this site, you know by now that I am an avid collector of work by the American artist, John Hunter. I here present one of the most beautiful of all his prints, Homage. No need to repeat all you can find concerning Edvard Munch here, but only the simple act of showing you this beautiful tribute by one artist to another.  If you know the self-portrait by Munch with the arm bone, you will see the usual ironic humor inherent in Hunter’s work. This large print with portraits of both the inspiration and inspired, is signed by John Hunter in pencil and numbered 74/80, printed by Plucked Chicken Press (intaglio in lower right corner) in perfect condition from 1979. . The piece is professionally framed in dark magenta metal to emphasize the color of the drawing itself. You have to admit, the sure hand of a master is at work in this wonderful addition to my gallery. For more information, joanjohnson4@msn.com I would love to hear from any artist who studied under this impeccable artist while he taught at San Jose State University. Your letters will be posted on the literary pages.