The beginning of my favorite California season: Fall/Winter (a little of everything)

And, of course, you can find my very famous original Picasso print with description on these pages…under “prints”  and you can own it for a reasonable price. Ask me about this: A Portrait of Rimbaud.Ah Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Year’s Eve! Traveling through the darkness to a bright new beginning can be an interesting, enlivening trip. I love black and white together from the old movies to a French costume (I am thinking of Pierrot), from an etching to a newsprint and of course, the photograph.  Let’s open the gallery and see what fits the season at the moment. This is just a sampling of the many pieces of art I have collected for your perusal and purchase something if you are so inclined. Email me for more information on any of the art on my pages.

Enjoy your visit……….

It’s costume time!

Can you think of anything more magical than this fine print from Hunter and Plucked Chicken (the famous) press?
From John Hunter’s rare Suite: a signature wizard in a corner. A little bit of magic.

Check out all the rare John Hunter prints and two Suites, the originals on these pages……..

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a troll or???? Here is Otis Bardwell’s image of someone weirdly fascinating….also on these pages….Find it with the facts attached.

This is without a doubt my favorite of all the Peter Tagore Tan’s photographs in the gallery.  I know it is not scary, but it is black and white and beautiful taken on a beach in Indonesia.

Time to get out the Edgar Alan Poe and scare yourself at bedtime.. I have a print of this fabulous bird! Inspiring to any writer of horror stories. You can order one here of any size.

Peter Tagore Tan: Indonesian Blackbird. (Okay I am cheating a bit with the color. You know what I mean, don’t you….)

Now for Thanksgiving in Black and White……Hmmmmm…..Let’s see…..what do we have here on these pages for you?

Sorry, it’s a stretch, but we can be thankful when the big bad guy loses?

Check out this exclusive never-to-be found anywhere else (?) very old original print on these pages.

How about an artist from Maine?

CARROLL THAYER BERRY (1886-1978)  A WOOD ENGRAVING 1935….When we say “Downeast” we mean the coast of Maine. Here is an iconic original print, famous. And I have one for half the price elsewhere.

“Retired From the Sea” an original wood etching. (1935)       Spotless condition, and very beautifully comprehensive depiction of the Maine seacoast village and harbor. See it elsewhere in this gallery. Explore. Be my guest.

Don’t think Maine is scary? Remember it is Steven King’s home! have you been able to read Salem’s Lot without shivering?