Summer in Southern California, Oh My!

How does that classic oldie go? No, further back….”Summer is a’ cummin in?” The mediaeval ditty, you know what I mean. To me here in Hollywood, summer is not the cruelest month, but it does last forever. WE have heat waves that go right on into what is Fall season for most of America….
I am not complaining. I DO live in what is advertised as the “creative capital of the world.” At least it’s not as braggadocio as the motto of Boston, my home town, “THE HUB OF THE UNIVERSE.” Not the country, and not the world….the Universe revolves around Boston. Actually, the world revolves around wherever you are, no? Think about it. But not for long.

Here’s something pretty cool we can do here in L.A. Otis Bardwell, artist, is paricipating in an open studio event on Sunday, April 21, from 4-8pm. at 1500 South Central Avenue. There will be several other artists in their studios. How great is that? Have you ever been to an artist’s workplace? Imagine dropping in on Van Gogh, or Matisse? Just the other day I was talking to a friend who said she knows someone who met Picasso when she was a kid….Wow! If I see you at this event, I will imagine one day we both can say we visited the studio where______________fill in the blank, created his/her work!

Check out my pages to read about Otis Bardwell and several artists who preceded him…..ENJOY!

I still have a little original Pablo Picasso for sale:

Original/ Signed, dated on lower right in stone. Portrait d’Arthur Rimbaud. Dec. 13, 1960. Litho, limited ed. 97 proofs on Rives wove paper. Ref. Bloch 1007, Mourlot 342. (11 and 3/4 X 9) 30cmX23cm. Burnished gold frame with matte. PICASSO.