Have you been busy too?

Some days it feels surreal the way time flies by, especially with time itself taking its toll on one trying to get things done, accomplished before the last act curtain falls. Know what I mean? It has been a long time since I sat down to write something to accompany my collection of pictures and books for sale on these posts.

So why now? It has dawned on me more than once, (if it is possible to link thoughts to the sunrise) that people have been losing trust in every thing more each year, day and second. Who can you trust? What can you trust? Does everyone on the planet have a hidden agenda? Is the entire world made up of people who follow the motto: “Speed and greed”?

I am sure each of us has been ripped off big time by the time we reach adulthood, and more than once perhaps. Think of Dylan’s classic, “How does it feel?” and the phrase applies to more than the rolling stone him or herself….Insert a swear word here….It is such a crime that bad people walk around on the same ground as the good. I am not implying that anyone is all-good all the time, but wow, the news on the web and TV and in print about the monsters-among-us is not good.

So what about the world of art, music, poetry and dance? We learn eventually that our artist/heroes had serious flaws, did horrendous things maybe, and we lose that much more faith in others, in dreams, in ourselves. WE wonder what is worth admiring, loving even. What and who should we gather around us in the fragments from the world to give us comfort, even joy? Do we have some friends we can trust? Some authentic art in our lives? (I’ve just read the recent article in the New Yorker about fakes in the art world.)

What is the antidote to the cynicism, distrust and hopelessness that is growing all around us? Each of us who is not out to rob, rip off, stomp on others must affirm our vows to do good, to tell the truth, to live honest lives and we need to keep on telling people, and then showing them that we are honest and true when we say we are. WOW I don’t mean to sound like a Pollyanna here, but you know what I mean; I know you do.

Then there are the stories people tell about each other about us that are pure fiction, outright lies, libel even. The lies gnaw at the edges of our real selves and can have the effect of wearing us down with the weight of disgust at the lack of integrity among even those we thought we knew as family, or friends. This is universal, my dears, universal. And as time flies by and the gray hair crowds out the color, the danger of depression grows as we can grow ever more hopeless, So who can you trust? And how do you know you can?

Sorry, you were hoping by reading this far that I had a surefire way to detect dishonesty. Well, despite the websites that tell you how to spot a liar, it hasn’t helped me in my long life. I’ve been swindled, robbed, and the whole enchilada, and still feel like I’m out on that proverbial limb when something new comes along.

So, all I can say (and I have finally come to the point) is the stuff I show on my blog that is for sale is genuine. I have proof that my Picasso is genuine, my Daumier’s are genuine…and so on. If you have not let a coat of disbelief cover your amazement at the wonders of the world, enjoy the real artists’ work displayed on these pages. Enjoy!

Then, if you would like to have anything here, email me and ask about it. I promise I will answer with all the information, and describe the condition of the piece in its entirety.

I only collected things that I loved, things I loved to look at. Now I am selling my collection, well a lot of it, because the gray is well-advanced and I want someone else to take over the stewardship of these fine artifacts now that I await “that final curtain.”

I could ship everything off to EBay and be done with it, but I would rather hand things over to someone with a name I can know. Can I trust anybody to be honest with me?

It is hard for us all, and getting worse all the time, but let’s see what happens.

I invite you to browse and see if there is anything you would like to possess now.

Bless you, bless the children, and God Bless America!


You may find some inspiration to lift your spirits on my “Thought for the Day” page. Gems like this from Stella Adler, “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” Speaking of talent that cannot survive depression, Here is a reminder of a soul long gone now. https://joaneylesjohnson.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/joan-johnsons-gallery-2-3.jpg?w=750https://joaneylesjohnson.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/joan-johnsons-gallery-2-3.jpg?w=750