Ah, the Blur!

I don’t know about you but this is a season of what I think of as “blur.”  It is when I have been so busy with a multitude of tasks and not so good at multi-tasking, being an old bird with fewer feathers every season, that life becomes more like a collage than a clear picture. This is not entirely pleasant. I am in need of some quiet meditation, freedom from the fray, time to think and get clear again.

Do you have these bumpy patches followed by a confused “to do” list? And with the holidays coming….ah Yes…..Time to get very clear about what we are doing in real-time..The little wanderer is retiring to an alpine village aerie and is finally going to be  "home."

For example, I am thinking of retirement. It looms large. Even though I love what I do and wish I had many more years to do it in, that will not be possible. Then, I need to dispose of my big collection of art and artifacts. Yes, there comes a time when the call to collect must be curbed, and eventually stifled. Now I have bought a house in an alpine village and will be nesting at 7,000 plus feet in the forest. There comes a time when someone else must enjoy my treasures where others can see and thrill to them. So, here is the deal.

The pages herein contain many still unsold pieces of art priced so far below their value that it amazed me they are still in my vault.  Once again, I am showing these works, mostly on paper, before they go to Bonham’s or Christie’s. (You may want to look at their websites and auction results to see what recent sales have garnered for collectors.)

This blog has been operating now for more than a few years, and the initial reasoning was to know where my treasures were going, but at this point, I am ready to move to my aerie in the mountains and will need some warm clothes, blankets and firewood. Yes, the “little Wanderer”  has finally found her home.

SO, look through the pages. Ask about what is still available. Strike a bargain with me. and most of all, Be cheerful and enjoy the beautiful things of this world. Beauty heals the blurs and returns one to focus.

Enjoy browsing and considering these unique works of art as a great way to enjoy life. Everything is guaranteed original with provenance.  Write me with your questions: www.jjohnson4@msn.com