I met a miracle man recently.

Doctor Howard Murad. Have you met the man behind the famous name? Not long ago I was lucky to be introduced to the man behind the famous Murad skin care products, the doctor who created the giant company, the genius who made his fortune through hard work and wisdom, the artist who maintains a positive outlook on everything from inside out. I also met his beautiful vivacious wife, Loralee, who is always by his side.

Howard Murad is a wonder, generous to the max, creative beyond the norm, and despite all these accolades, is a friendly, accessible and likeable human being. I cannot say this about all the millionaires I have met. (alas is my most over-used word.)

Recently I met this remarkable generous benefactor whose gift-giving is beyond description on this page, but believe me, he is one of the two most “alive” people I have ever met. Is it his skin? Of course it glows with golden good health, but it is something more. Something behind the eyes that sparkle with wit and curiosity, the two things that make for an interesting and memorable person.

I highly recommend a visit to his gallery show at the USC Medical Center here in Los Angeles. Please read his website. Learn about this inspiring man who has risen to the top of his profession, and maybe the world!?

Surely, Howard Murad is one of America’s treasures, a shining example of the American Dream come-true. He is at the top of his form now and after a lifetime of scientific study has bloomed into fine art. His large paintings are more explosions of light and color, exuberant flashes of brilliance like life itself.

If you write to him, ask about the new collector’s book of his original aphorisms and paintings he has recently published, and if you are lucky, he will autograph it for you. Then, Glow like your beautiful skin!

Recently I had the privilege of hearing about his exhibit and seeing it. The photos online do not do justice to the brilliance and vivacious colors that leap across the canvases and brighten the world. The amazing story behind the paintings will give hope and inspiration to anyone who has undergone a serious physical setback and a long recovery. Take up the brush. Buy some paint. Dr. Murad is still exploring ways to make the world more beautiful! This is not an advertisement and Dr. Murad does not know I am posting this. He did not solicit in any way my enthusiasm for his art and life. I am posting this to alert my faithful followers of a man who has grown from scientist to businessman to artist with lots of side trips on the way to his creative sunrise. He will forgive me my superlatives, as humble as he is, I know, because he is always working to help people become healthy and better with each day. His newest book is called, Creating a Healthy Life: The Art and Wisdom of Howard Murad, M.D.
http://www.murad.com/about-us/dr-murad/dr-murad-biography https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSGv1yAz4LwgJSX8wG6tquXWYKnWiZoHglEP_m4xTQSn03UhAc9