The Tenth Day of Christmas. Yet another gift.

It’s a cliché but worth repeating, Life is a gift. It is many gifts. Not the least of all gifts are those that come from the universe. Like children. Since this blog is mostly about art, I am thinking of how wonderful it is that there are always new children who become engaged early on to become artists. There will always be singers for Chorus line and actors for King Lear and Dancers for Swan Lake. I am always amazed and grateful when I enjoy a newcomer to the scene who can perfectly fill the spot left by a predecessor, and usually with more refinement and sheer talent. It’s sort of like the way the BBC always finds just the right actor to fill a role. Continuity. Flow. It is as if the creation is there to be filled with newcomers as time goes by. I am thinking just now of the exciting performances in the 25th Anniversary celebration at the Royal Albert Hall of Les Miserables and the talented singers who took the roles to continue this great musical work. In case you were not there in person, there is YouTube and some selections from the extravaganza that someone has uploaded for us all to enjoy. It you watch until the end you will get an added gift in the reprise of former Jean Valjeans through the 25 years of its enduring run. This is pretty exciting stuff. And since this is the day to bring the gift of ten Lords a-Leaping, Let’s just continue to admire the performers who have thrilled us through the years. Support the arts. Teach the children. Practice art. Introduce it everywhere possible. Let it fill the shallow moments of the day, inspire the mundane to unspeakable levels, and intrude on the vulgar with purity of intention. (You, Dear Reader, know what I mean by all this.) If you are an artist, Persevere and work even harder to reach your goals; if you are not, continue to inspire and support those who are. Bless all the “leaping.”

Relax. Smile. Breathe. Pray for peace in the world.

Father Gregory Wilcox, a fine writer who is above all an Anglican priest in Texas emailed me with his gift for the day, “Prayer is the soul of breath. Always breathe Beloved, whatever you do.” –St. Macarius of Alexandria (295-392 AD)



If you like flash mobs, here is a perfect gift for some lucky newlyweds at their wedding reception in Denmark. A memorable present indeed!

And if you have a minute, something extra special: sheer poetry in motion! “Ah Brave New world that has such creatures in it!”
Yes! The Great One’s daughter, and I have lived to see this.

Pss. The “creature” with his own dance team, Fransisco Velasco, arriba!
Enjoy the artistry and praise the dedication it took to reach this pinnacle….Happy Christmas Everyone!