An Inventory

It is always time for gratitude. This land was not our land in the beginning. I have been very fortunate to have known some great Native Americans like Te Ata who taught me that her people were not warriors by nature and felt that what we might call “running away” was in truth the better path when peace was at stake. She was an icon of importance and anyone who met her or saw her one-woman performance of historical stories and song was lucky. Before I get down to the original purpose of this site, the disposal of my collection, let’s share something beautiful to celebrate gratitude. Enjoy the peace. You could learn another language. You could Google Te Ata and learn even more.

It is customary to take inventory in any business, and since this is more or less a little business, let me recap from my vaults the pieces that are still available should you be a collector. All below appraisal prices are by request.

First, the beautiful (large) artist’s proof by Susan Dysinger, now a vintage work. This original print is in mint condition and comes unframed.

This lovely “quiet” Janis Joplin is a rare work by an artist known for her jazz bands and blues singers. “Pearl” would be proud to be in that company, and here she is uncharacteristically portrayed as the innocent young girl who hitched a ride from her home in Texas and rocked the world before abruptly leaving it, but not forever. If you have fond memories of “the times” and want to think of the legendary music emanating from the Chelsea hotel, it may be your turn to buy this Artist’s Proof, the first print struck, and to cherish it as I have for all these years. Why not check out this artist’s website for current work?

…Every day when I walk home
I see loneliness
When I waited for my baby.
You know I open my front door,
I said mr. loneliness is waiting for me at home
Lordy, lord at home, lord at home, lo-o-o-rd at home.

You know, I get home every day, lord,
There ain’t nobody waiting there, man
And I ain’t got no girlfriends, and I ain’t got no boyfriends, man.
I ain’t got no any kind of friends, man, I ain’t got no…
My tv set doesn’t work, my radio doesn’t work, man.
I come home there’s nothing
Nothing, man, there’s no animals moving,
There’s nothing, man
Walk in that door seems like I’m sitting there every day, man.
(Loneliness, c by Janis Joplin )