Here it is again, another New Year!

For a magical moment, why not listen to the inimitable Doris Day, now an octogenarian living in Carmel by the sea, and enjoy pictures of some of the iconic stars that fell out of the blue? Do actors, I wonder, who work so hard to become personally happy with success, ever think about the happiness they bring to so many others as well, in the entire world, for a bit of time in the dark. This is their real legacy. They live for a long time after they’ve lived in front of the cameras, making so many people happy.

It’s not too late to make some happy memories by doing something that brings happiness to those younger than ourselves; and although there may not be many older friends now around, include them too….As one of my favorite people, Father Beau Davis, told me, “We need to leave some folks behind who will remember to pray for us when we are gone.” Not a bad idea to start 2015 with some sincere prayers for humanity, and ask God to bless our country with some little drops of sanity and good will to all.

My beloved Grandmother, Florence Barbara Whiteway from Prince Edward Island who left me so many beautiful memories, told me when I was little that whatever you do on New Year’s Day sets the tone for your whole year. So, I shall be extra careful to pray on January First for a better year in America for her beautiful people, and especially for those who are not.

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