Oops! It’s been a long time, but I’m back.

d__images_P19717159“Melrose and Vine,” original handmade colored lithograph by the artist, John Hunter

GJ6ZD00ZMonths later and much work done,
I have (ahhh) left my Hollywood “quintessential pad” for a hideaway in the California “Alps” miles above Los Angeles. In other words, I’ve found Paradise at last. No, I am still breathing, and just to prove it, here is a fantastic original print by my favorite contemporary artist, John Hunter’s “Melrose and Vine” that I am releasing for sale. Priced far below its worth, and one other that is not yet in a museum (1/2 that price), I offer it now after holding on to it for a very long time. Some lucky new owner may inquire the price. In a bit, I will be posting lots of new things, but I am still unpacking, in many senses of the word. For example, I am going to soon announce my retirement from the university where I have been perched for more than fifteen years, and begin my own little writers retreat here where my new house is nestled among a forest of cedars and Ponderosa pines. The proposed retreats will begin next summer when the accommodations will be fully prepared for writers –or painters or musicians to be entirely comfortable far from the madding crown. More on that very soon.

 “Melrose and Vine” is a very large framed (gold) print for sale on this site. The image is from the Norton Simon Museum which owns one print from the same edition. I am offering mine (framed) at a substantially lower price. Further inquiries about price and dimensions may be sent to : Joanjohnson4@msn.com —if you are a serious fine art collector or would like to begin to be one at an introductory price.

A memory of a Hollywood that never changes its clothes! (metaphorically speaking, of course) The “Safeway at Melrose and Vine”is still the same company, just a new name: Pavilions. If you want to see the print you can go to the Norton Simon Museum website where they have claimed a copyright. You can browse all the Hunters in the collection at the museum and be assured that I have most of them *even the earliest ones) for sale in my gallery. SO….think about it and just ask me!