A New Year

Happy 2016! 

Browse the gallery and enjoy an eclectic collection of masterpieces. Look through the original art, from prints, suites, books, photographs, sculpture, posters, and even a large original painting by Charles Wysocki from 1967, all on this site. Shop around for a nice visit, and then let’s talk about how to add something exciting and new to your collection!

Time to make room for more! A special clearance of my storage space in West Hollywood! Prices range from $250 to $35,000.

When the late great movie star, Edward G. Robinson,was asked once by Edward E. Murrow while touring his house and magnificent art collection why he was selling all his art at auction, he responded, “When you pass by a painting without looking at it, it is time to let someone else have it to enjoy as much as you have!”

I never forgot that and now the time has come for me to pass on works of art that are packed far away where I cannot see them every day. Time to sell all the valuable, rare prints, broadsides, and paintings I no longer have room for in my little log cabin in the sky.

Everything is greatly reduced from the appraised values; for example, my John Hunter museum collection ranges from $250 to $10,000. My Daumier large originals $400 each. Original New England (signed) photographs $350. Lawrence of Arabia collection with letters from Lowell Thomas $450. Raymond Carver poetry (signed twice) book $3,500. Artist’s proof “Janis” unframed $750.Original oil by Cotti $900. Wysocki original $35,000.  Picasso original print signed in stone $ 1,100.original etching Bloemart’s Magdalen Reading from the 16th Century $1,000. A sweet little German contemporary etching of JS Bach $300. A signed broadside by Robert Bly $250. A precious little sculpture “Hooked” $600. Everything is priced at or well below appraisal.  Peruse the gallery and read about each work in more detail.

I miss the art that has been been purchased during the past year, especially the Ann and Janet Grahame Johnson watercolor,
“Arthur going off to Avalon” sold to a collector in Canada, but there are still many precious objects available for those of you who enjoy art for its own sake as well as an investment. In some countries, I’ve been told, one can pay taxes with art (and handmade rugs, my other passion!). Please do not hesitate to inquire about prices, AND REMEMBER I pay for shipping,  insurance, and the percentage paid to the artist or estate as per California law when selling original works of art.  Contact me 24/7  online http://www.joanjohnson4@msn.com

Now I am off to get photographs of some newly retired-to-storage work for you to contemplate and enjoy. Coming soon: Large framed original English and American prints, an acrylic painting on canvas by John Hunter, several autographed books, and an almost life-size airbrush original painting of Valentino in his shiek’s costume, and, of course even more.