Announcing Summit Seminars in Crestline, CA

Small, intimate writing days and weekends in the beautiful woodland of the San Bernardino National Forest.

Joan Eyles Johnson, M.A. with forty years of teaching in college writing programs, has moved to the mountains above the hustle of southern California to provide a place of quiet retreat for other writers. Please send for a brochure: Summit/P.O.Box 36 Crestline, CA 82325.  Plan a writing session at a cozy pinewood cabin in the woods where you can enjoy complete serenity without interruptions except for a catered gourmet lunch.

Check out the website for a 2017 schedule of upcoming quiet days, weekend seminars and amenities, including a one week residency in the resort ski area of Lake Arrowhead, a four season resort in the alpine region high above the traffic where the air is always fresh among the 50+ trees on the property, called “Dorothy’s Home” in honor of the heroine who learned there’s no place like home. A writer’s paradise in lovely gardens.




Joan Eyles Johnson, M.A., proprietor, mentor, playwright, poet and winner of the 2016 Ernest Hemingway Prize for Short Story: “The Night Packet” Fiction Southeast Journal.