Joan Eyles Johnson, MA— a proud graduate of Foothill/De Anza Colleges and San Jose State University, founded three companies: PeQuod Productions, One Small Candle, and Arrowhead Readers Theatre at City Lights,began collecting art as a student and continues today. This online blog/gallery was started as a way to divest myself of a small collection.  You may know me as a travel agent, cook, pastry chef, (very briefly) or (for much longer) a professor of English and writer of poems, short stories and plays, or a television host of “Joan’s Show” in Santa Clara, California.  If we have met, glad to have you drop by. Please enjoy looking at my collection of some great pictures and don’t hesitate to write me if you want more information about what you see on these pages. www.joanjohnson4@msn.com

Mariah Young, MA — is my assistant in all things technical and creative. I am proud to have her onboard to help me coordinate new exhibits on a regular basis.  Mariah is a young writer who has just won the prestigious James D. Houston Award and her new book of short stories is available in bookstores and on Amazon. the title is Arabic for “What God wills”  — Masha’allah  


In my own words:  You should know that I am not on Facebook or Twitter or any other social network.  This gallery is small and private, well as private as anything can be online.   I do not advertise.  I like to think I have a small coterie of art  collectors who watch my postings and enjoy the art displayed here and my essays on life as I experience it day to day. Please know that I enjoy the thought of special people, those who love the arts, checking in to take a look now and then at new additions, keeping up with me as I meander in and out of galleries, auctions and studios, meeting talented artists who I am proud to introduce to this special group of gallery guests.  I hope you are one of them.  You can always write to me about any art or artists on these pages –and I will answer any questions as well as I can.   


 Because my students have asked me, here are two old photos from my youth (Raleigh Rogers Studio in Boston)….It is fun to hear them gasp, “Is that YOU?” And two brand new photos  from Robert Antal ‘s studio in Hollywood -June 2012. How time beats us up on the outside, but hopefully, the heart softens —? oh well……

 “Joan’s Show” in Santa Clara, California for 7 years…..And then, eons later…the “winged chariot” was more aptly named “Speedracer.” And what happens to eyebrows with time?

Ahhh again,  by Robert Antal of Hollywood Pro Photography in June, 2012. No makeup. Ahhhh…warts and all.


 Yup. It used to be me.