John Crutchfield, American Artist (New England)

"On Welton Burden's Farm
Welton Burden's Farm "...on a tobacco farm in Central Virginia."
The Gurnet “…as seen from Long Beach in the morning”

A collection of work for a special holiday present.  This artist is still affordable for the beginning collector, so I am featuring a sample of his wares.  You can contact him directly at his gallery website and I urge you to do so if you are interested in buying his work, speaking about commissions, or contacting him for information about his paintings.  He exhibits regularly, and usually has a painting or two at the Plymouth Artists Guild on North Street in town if you are lucky enough to live near enough to visit this beautiful, burgeoning collection of art by living artists.

"Running Free"This was a private commission and is not for sale. The artist's words: "...a schooner entering the South end of the Cape Cod Canal with the sails set "wing to wing" which is only possible when the wind is coming from directly behind."
 Now, you can see what I mean when I say I have found the true work of a wonderful artist for you to enjoy!