Religious Art

Old Dutch Master:  “Mary Magdalen Reading” by Abraham Bloemart, the foremost master of Utrecht and chief representative of Dutch Catholic art. (1566-1651). This original engraving by his son, Cornelis Bloemart,  (1610) has weathered six hundred years of war, flood, fire and God only knows what else and is in perfect condition, framed in antique silver, protected with archival paper and linen matte.  I was a student in London when I went into a little famous print shop and spent a long time going through the boxes of prints. I found two special original prints by Daumier (on another page herein) and then, this elegant Magdalen. Time has burnished the greys and black and given a soft lustre to her skin. Old prints get this rich patina and the soft glow of her lamp lights the beauty of the figure. Bloemart is rumoured to have been the teacher of Vermeer, and we can see the master here playing with light and shadow in this  pristine work.

Please email me with any questions about the dimensions, but don’t ask me to translate the Latin.  It has been too long since my last Latin class. (No, I was NOT around when it was the lingua franca. really.)

And now for something completely different:

Macsorro, up and coming pop surrealist, has recently painted this small (8×10) picture (acrylic on masonite) called, Custom Made Religion  Macsorro is scheduled to open in a gallery in Italy very soon. I will announce it forthwith. In the meantime, his paintings can be seen locally at the Hive Gallery downtown and C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice.