Specials for this Month (from the backroom)

You know, of course, that galleries keep the very special items in the back room for the true cognoscenti who ask “what else do you have?”. These are my special “extras” for lovers of New England.


Three Very beautiful, new and bright works by Plymouth artists: Anne Heywood(pastels) and Ronald Wilson(Photographs). On a trip to Plymouth I bought these for my gallery.  Here are three iconic images of New England for your home. Each $300 including shipping and handling.


Quintessential view of Vermont as seen and photographed by RONALD WILSON (Heywood/Wilson Gallery, Plymouth, MA.)

Large, unframed, signed and numbered on the front and address on back with large signature of the artist.


Front Steps/Plymouth—-   After I purchased this print, the photographer Ronald Wilson, told me they were taken at the front of the house of David Monteiro! What a coincidence. There are some of his  marine paintings in this gallery!

And then there is this print of Anne Heywood’s pastel entitled, “Chimney Farm” in Vermont. Signed by the artist and dated, and again on the back, a large signature in ink.

I am particularly fond of red houses and barns. Aren’t you? large unframed pastel print $300. Brrrrr…..

AND,  just to remind you of one of California’s best photographers, here is a work by Peter Tagore Tan whose work can be seen on pages in my gallery. Check them out! This is from his “Indonesian fauna” A singular blackbird


 At the top of the page:  antique 18th Century steel engraving, “On Her Own” is NOT for sale at this time.


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